May Sausage of the month....


Italian Sausage

Ground fennel seeds, a touch of garlic and a pinch of chilli flakes give this sausage that unmistakable Italian twist. All you need now is your favourite pasta and a glass of Chianti!!

April Sausage of the month....


Pork & Blue Cheese Sausages

We use the king of blue cheese, Roquefort, in these unusual but very tasty sausages. Great with a full bodied Merlot!!

NOV Sausage of the month....


Pork & Leek Sausages

Finely chopped leeks are sautéed in butter before being added to this recipe producing a good leeky flavour.

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We wish all our lovely customers a wonderfully festive period and a happy new year.

Sausage of the month.... It's the season for spreading joy, so we've got 2!


Port & Cranbury Sausages

A delicious melange of seasoned pork sausage with dried cranberries that have been steeped in Port.


Pork & Apple Sausages

A simple recipe with a good apple flavour.

JAN Sausage of the month....


Pork & Garlic Sausages

A hearty sausage for those cold winter days.