When we tell you our sausages are really good, we're not telling porkies...
here's what our lovely clients have to say:

“Hey there, I just wanted to touch base to say that I was super impressed with all your products! I ordered loads of bangers, pigs in blankets and cocktail sausages before Christmas. My French husband loves UK type bangers and we were very impressed with the quality. I bought your apple and chestnut stuffing and used it to make my sausage rolls, am a bit sad it’s no longer available cause they were banging! Happy New Year. I’ll be ordering again soon” Anneliese

“Delighted with the order I picked up on December 21st! Gammon and stuffing delicious and all other items great quality. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2024. I will be ordering again!!” Eileen

“Hi, I ordered from you for the first time last week after being let down by my previous supplier, which was not appreciated at this time of year. Your delivery was on the day promised and since then we have tried both the bacon and the sausages and they are superb, and we will definitely be buying from you again. Thank you, and a very merry Christmas and happy new year.” Mike

“We received our order today, and again Chronopost were very efficient and kept me informed all the way re: the delivery. We just wanted to let you know that upon seeing the beautiful pork pie we were stunned at its beauty. We could not believe the simple but stunning decoration on top. We have since tried some and it doesn’t need any brown sauce, and the taste of the pork pie was delicious and much better than any from Leicester!. We have just had some of the sausages and bacon and they are very very tasty and so delicious. The black pudding was excellent. Our friends ordered some of your products as well and they also are very happy with the items. Thank you again, and we will be ordering again soon.” Graham & Ann

“Oh YES – superb quality – wonderful friendly staff – wish we had discovered them ages ago!!” John

“We are new clients, having been introduced recently by friends and we are completely blown away with the quality of the sausages and bacon that we have bought on our first order. My wife ordered gluten free sausages and they were first class and I ordered a selection of different types of sausage and all were absolutely excellent. We have lived here in France for nearly 15 years and I can honestly say that they are the best sausages that I have tasted in all that time. The Back Bacon too is beautiful and not over salted like so many. Rob and Monique have enlivened our taste buds! Brilliant!” Peter

“Superb! I thought I missed English style bacon and now after having some of the from BB&B I know I do! The sausages are fantastic and the pork pies a real treat. Highly recommended.” Ritchard

“I knew the sausages were delicious but I hadn’t previously had one of your sausage rolls – they are absolutely superb, the pastry is to die for. Thank goodness you had some spare so that I could discover them! Thank you.” Margaret

“We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the bacon and sausages that we ordered from yourselves. They are so delicious and the flavour is amazing. Having lived here for 20 years, and found that bacon & sausages here are not the same quality as you get in the UK. We are so pleased to have found your website and we will be ordering again for some more of your delicious products. We both said when we had the bacon sandwich today that “we have died and gone to heaven.” Also Chronopost were very efficient in letting us know when they would deliver, and kept us informed for the delivery today.” Graham & Ann

“The Lincolnshire sausages, bangers, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, and back bacon were all delicious! They brought me back home to my childhood in England. It’s hard to pick a favorite since they were all so good! Thank you.” Dominic

“Everything we had on our Christmas order was excellent but have to say the pork roast was superb! Not tasted the like since we had our own pigs!” Doreen

“Absolutely some of the best sausages we have ever eaten and we’ve still to try the bacon and sausage rolls!!!!! Already planning the next order!” Caroline

“Amazing sausages and the scotch eggs !!! Wow. You all need to buy from these people great service great product. It was the one thing i was missing from the uk bit not anymore… thankyou” David

“Dear Rob & Monique, I am so pleased that you have continued to provide such a wide range of the highest quality artisanal products. My personal favourites are your Lincolnshire sausages and pork roasting joints. The exceptional quality of your products is matched only by your meticulous attention to customer service. Thank you both!” Paul

“Hadn’t had a scotch egg or a “real” sausage roll in years until I found this website. Sausages are superb just like a UK butcher and much better than a supermarket sausage! Had parcel delivered to Bordeaux and have already placed next order. Friendly team and excellent products give them a try” Chris

“We are delighted to have found BB&B – thanks to a neighbour’s recommendation. Especially we appreciate the taste of your pork sausages. In our opinion they are far superior to anything we have yet found from a French butcher or supermarket.” James

“Produce is second to none. Bacon is perfect and so are the gourmet sausages. Makes living in France a hell of a lot easier! Packaging is also great for storing options. Thanks guys!” Luke

“Bulldog Bacon and Bangers offer 100% authentic British style sausages , bacon and many other delights! We buy from them at the sunday market at Léguevin (near Toulouse) where Colin takes care of business. I cannot recommend their products more whole heartedly. They are truly top class, very reasonably priced and Colin is a very nice chap indeed. If I hadn’t discovered Bulldog Bacon and Bangers I may have possibly returned to live in the UK!” Tim

“super bon les produits” jirsa