There’s so many ways to get your hands on our porkie goodies…

Our Facility:

Our facility is situated in Haget, between Rabastens-de-Bigorre and Villecomtal-sur-Arros:

7 Route Departmentale, D280,

32730 Haget

We are open 08:00 – 12.00 on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

We do accept walk ins during these times, however we do have certain items made to order and some items not always in stock, so it’s best to place an order prior to pickup.

Simply place an order through our online shop and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

If you have any questions please get in contact:

  • Rob: 06 34 64 53 39
  • Paul: 06 20 02 02 26
  • Monique: 07 60 43 42 34

or e-mail us at sales@bulldogbaconandbangers.fr

Weekly Market:

  • Maubourguet on Tuesdays with Monique

Other Locations:

The following shops carry a limited selection of Bulldog Bacon & Bangers items:

  • Hotel Trois Lys in Condom (please contact Willem Meijer on 05 62 28 33 33 for details)
  • Super U in Masseube
  • Intermarche in Trie sur Baise
  • Epicerie Miradoux in Miradoux

Monthly Delivery Routes:

Every 4 weeks we offer 6 free delivery routes in a refrigerated van, just meet us on our route.

Actual collection times at these locations will be communicated to our mailing list customers 24 hours in advance.


Tuesdays every 4 weeks

  • Super U Nay-Benejacq
  • Jurancon Roundabout (Pau Rocade)
  • Esso Garage (Pau Rocade Airport Exit)
  • Old International School Car Park


Fridays every 4 weeks

  • Aire sur l’Adour (McDonalds car park)
  • Bazas (Super U car park)
  • Langon (Country Park car park)
  • Cadillac (La Cave Car Park)
  • Bordeaux (Place Paul Doumer)
  • Bordeaux (Oxford Arms)
  • Pessac (Siblu Village)
  • Salles (Carrefour Car Park)

Gers Route 1

Wednesdays every 4 weeks

  • Termes d’Armagnac (town square) 
  • Nogaro (Aldi car park)
  • Eauze (Bricolage car park)
  • Montreal (town square)
  • Sos (Proxi)
  • Nerac (Carrefour car park)
  • Damazan (entrance to Cricket Club)

Gers Route 2

Wednesdays every 4 weeks

  • Auch (Carrefour car park by the bottle bank)
  • Fleurance (Carrefour car park)
  • Lectoure (Intermarche car park)
  • Miradoux (Epicerie car park)
  • Condom (Carrefour car park)
  • Vic Fezensac (Carrefour car park)

Gers Route 3

Fridays every 4 weeks

  • Lannemezan (Lidl Car Park)
  • Montrjeau (Gamm Vert Car Park)
  • St. Gaudens (Lidl Car Park)

Temple Meads Bar (f.k.a. Carpe Diem)

Fridays every 4 weeks

  • Temple Meads Bar (f.k.a. Carpe Diem), Cornebarrieu
  • L’Isle Jordain
  • Gimont

Shipping to Metropolitan France

We are pleased to be able to offer both our private and professional customers an overnight refrigerated delivery service throughout Metropolitan France. 

This service is provided by Chronopost Food and maintains our products in a temperature controlled environment (under 4 degrees) door to door. 

Place an order on our website and select shipping to have your bangers arrive at your door!